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Starter Packages


If you are new to Salesforce CRM or an existing customer that is struggling with how Salesforce is configured “as standard” A FastStart Implementation is a fixed fee engagement of 26 hours that is well suited for a small business with a single group of users that will be working in Salesforce.com’s Sales Cloud.

Major Outcomes:

1. Up and running in a few short weeks
2. Guidance and expertise on how to best leverage Salesforce CRM to support your business processes, and avoid costly mistakes
3. End-user centric training, with hands-on examples that drive adoption
4. Implementation of best practices around usability and data quality
5. Reporting and analytics that provide visibility to your key business metrics
6. Fixed price engagement with a clearly defined scope and set of deliverables

What you get:

Discovery Session (4 Hours)

With a detailed agenda, our Salesforcec.om experts will facilitate a requirements gathering session to quickly learn how your business markets and sells. We’ll uncover what information need to track in Sales Cloud as well as how your team interacts with prospects and customers. Lastly we’ll capture how you want to measure your business so that Sales Cloud is able to track your success though reports and dashboards.

Sales Cloud Configuration (10 Hours)

Once we’ve learned your vision, our consultants will then configure Salesforce to support your selling methodology while making it quick and easy for your users to enter and update records. We’ll manage the details to make sure that Sales Cloud is optimized to provide your users the best experience possible. Our goal is to reduce frustration and make their job easier which results in higher adoption and a great return on your Sales Cloud investment.

A FastStart implementation includes configuration of the following Sales Cloud components:

  • Home Tab
  • Accounts & Contacts
  • Activities (Tasks, Events and Email)*
  • Leads**
  • Opportunities***
  • Analytics (12 custom reports and 2 dashboards)
  • Configuration Review Meeting (2 Hours)

At this milestone meeting we will present the configuration for your review and feedback. At this stage we’ll have Sales Cloud 90% configured, but final changes can still be incorporated. We’ll demonstrate how your team will work in the Sales Cloud – managing information and tracking interactions with your customers.

Creation of Reports and Dashboards (3 Hours)

As a business manager, visibility to your company’s data is critical. You need to know the status of your sales pipe, progression towards sales quotas and individual rep contributions in real time. Once the configuration has been completed, we’ll configure two dashboards comprised of 12 custom reports.

Creation of Training Materials (2 Hours)

Coretec Solutions will tailor a training presentation in MS PowerPoint that reflects your business processes using screenshots from your configured Salesforce.com instance. Presentations will be approximately 30 slides in length and will be archived inside Sales Cloud for you to keep as a reference and to use to train new employees.

Delivery of End User Training (4 Hours)

When it’s time to go-live! You provide the room (with internet access and computers for participants) and we’ll provide the evangelism and expertise to guide your team to success. We’ll cover key concepts, how Sales Cloud manages data and best practices on quickly finding, creating and updating records. We’ll show your end users “WIIFM” (what’s in it for me) – how Sales Cloud can make them more productive and successful. Participants will have hands-on exercises to reinforce business processes and drive adoption.

Total Price: $5,000

The clock is ticking on your annual subscription – get your sales and management team up and running quickly and drive adoption, while avoiding common Salesforce CRM implementation mistakes.

The following components are not included in a FastStart implementation, but may be added for additional cost:

* Outlook Integration

** Web-to-Lead, Lead Assignment Rules

*** Quotes, Products and Forecasting