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Secure LDRaaS

Secure Local Data Residency as a Service (Secure LDRaaS) is the first of its kind in Australia. We have sourced the best Local Data Residency software in the world from Perspecsys and created a managed service hosted in one of Australia’s most trusted Government Data Centre providers.

Coretec Solutions provides the managed service which takes the guess work out of this complicated and ever changing area.

Secure LDRaaS can be configured to meet any Department’s budget and risk appetite. From the low cost completely shared model to the completely dedicated model, we have you covered.

The Secure LDRaaS is available in all Australian states and includes high availability, disaster recovery and all data is encrypted at rest.

Only randomly generated tokens are sent outside of your state jurisdiction which cannot be mathematically or algorithmically deciphered.

If you chose anything but Secure LDRaaS, the risk is on you.

What is it?

Secure LDRaaS is a managed service that offers local data residency for your sensitive data and documents. No sensitive data or documents are sent outside of your state jurisdiction, resulting in compliance to Data Privacy and Residency laws.

Who needs it?

If you are looking to purchase Salesforce.com or any Salesforce application that uses the Force.com platform to store its data and some of the data you need to store is deemed sensitive or classified you will need a Local Data Residency solution that keeps your sensitive data and documents within your state jurisdiction.

What is Local Data Residency?

Local Data Residency is where you can use a Public Cloud Software as a Service like Salesforce.com but store all your sensitive data and documents either within your firewall (within your companies computer network) or within a secure data centre that resides within your state jurisdiction. In all cases your sensitive data and documents never leave the shores of your country in any form that can be mathematically or algorithmically reversed back into the original data.

If you use a technology that encrypts your data or documents by applying some form of cipher or hash algorithm, in our opinion you are NOT achieving TRUE Local Data Residency. 

What are the benefits?

  • Compliance to Data residency and Privacy laws
  • No IT Department costs or resources required to manage the service
  • Operational in as little as 1 hour
  • Disaster recovery
  • Standard Availability or High Availability options
  • Data backed up Daily with offsite storage
  • System configuration backed up Daily with offsite storage
  • Shared internet or direct Communication links
  • Use our Government approved Data Centre or your own Data Centre
  • No Hardware
  • No Software