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Calculate the ROI for managing complaints efficiently
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Complaints Opportunity Cost Calculator

Mishandling complaints is risky business. First and foremost, inefficient complaints management can ruin your company's reputation. But it doesn't end there. For each mishandled complaint, you're losing money.

How an inefficient cmplaints handling process can cost you money

  1. Missed complaints on Social Media Channels

    These days, more and more people are opting to voice their concerns (and also their praises) via social media. You may find months pass by before someone calls a helpline or fills a complaint form online. If you're not monitoring the social media channels, you're definitely missing complaints. Unhanded complaints leads to customer loss.

  2. Higher concessions because of Slow Response

    Directly responding to a complaint and handling it in a timely manner makes customers happy. When customers are happy, it's easy to satisfy them with a low concession or refund, sometimes a concession isn't needed at all. On the other hand, the slower you are, the angrier they get, the more you have to spend to win them back.

  3. Are you responding to complaints or finding and fixing the root causes?

    If a customer complains about bad service and you respond by giving them a free voucher and stop there, the problem will likely happen again. Why? Because you haven't done anything to fix the bad service. That's why it's very important to find and fix root causes of complaints as early as possible. This will help you avoid or minimize product recalls or a public relations crisis.

How much is your complaints handling system costing you?

To help you identify just how much you could be losing, we created the Cost of Complaints Calculator to help you out. It will give you an idea about how much money they're costing you. It'll also show you an estimate of what your potential is if you were working with an efficient complaints handling system like Complaints Pro.

Good luck!

Enter Your Company's Data
Average Revenue/Customer ($)
Do you Monitor and Respond to Complaints via Facebook?
Do you Monitor and Respond to Complaints via Twitter?
Do you have real time root cause alerts?
Do you have a large backlog of complaints?
Do you have a centralized Complaints, Suggestions, Compliments and Enquiries database?

Ok, here are your opportunity costs:

Based on Coretec Solutions 11 years of expertise in the Complaints handling industry
we can estimate the following:

You will lose between ______ and ______ customers per year, here's why:

  1. Most customers with problems will never contact you because they doubt you'll fix it.
  2. Of those who contact you, some will appreciate the handling; more will not; most will be in the middle.
  3. Losses will be a snowball from this treatment, some of them from word of mouth about how you handled the problem.
  4. Some will return as customers next year, but most won't.
  5. Some will complain via Facebook and Twitter.

You could have avoided loosing ______ to ______ of these customers.

Today, your total revenue at risk per year from your customer interaction approaches is between $ ______ and $ ______ .

If you're interested in improving your complaints handling process, check out our free eBook on How To Turn Your Customer Complaints Into Continuous Improvement For A Competitive Edge.

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