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Calculate the ROI for managing complaints efficiently
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Complaints Pro for non Salesforce users

Complaints Pro does not require a Salesforce license

1-50 users*

Full User $40/mth
Lite User $28/mth
Billed Monthly

51-300 users*

Full User $36/mth
Lite User $26/mth
Billed Monthly

301-1000 users*

Full User $32/mth
Lite User $22/mth
Billed Monthly

Other License Types

Capture only (unlimited users, non authenticated)   $350 / mth (regardless of user count)

Full User Add-Ons

Letter and Email Merge    $9 / user / mth
Mobile/Tablet access    $9 / user / mth
Emails in MS Outlook saved in Complaints Pro    $9 / user / mth
Emails in Lotus Notes saved in Complaints Pro    $18 / user / mth

System Add-Ons

Email to Complaint/Feedback auto capture    $300 / mth (regardless of user count)
Web to Complaint/Feedback auto capture    $300 / mth (regardless of user count)
SMS Pro    $300 / mth (regardless of user count)
Social Response Pro    $300 / mth (regardless of user count)
QA Alarms    $300 / mth (regardless of user count)
Trend and Spike Aerts    $300 / mth (regardless of user count)

Service Packages

Quick start setup   $15,000 (once off)
Single Sign On (integrated with AD, lDAP SAML)   $5,000 (once off)
QA Alarms   $10,000 (once off)
Trend and Spike Aerts   $10,000 (once off)

 † Contact Sales on +61 1800 467 005 or info@coretec.com.au for pricing over 1000 users.

* All prices are in US dollars, exclude applicable Australian taxes.

Frequently Asked Questions

No. Users of Complaints Pro do not need a Salesforce license, however existing Salesforce users can use Complaints Pro features if they are licensed for Complaints Pro as well as Salesforce.
Full users have full access to all the features of Complaints Pro. Lite users do not have access to manage complaints or QA records but they can create complaints and QA records. Lite users have full access to Reports and Dashboards. Typical examples of Lite users are staff who need to search and create complaints or QA records and or need to create or run their own reports and dashboards.
Yes. Complaints Pro is 100% Force.com native and available on the Salesforce.com Appexchange. Complaints Pro can be installed into your existing Salesforce system in minutes.
It can take as little as days but it all depends on how much customization and reports you need. If you’d like to know more you can contact us here with specific questions.
Nothing. Complaints Pro is 100 % web based and all you need is a web browser and internet access.
Very fast and responsive. Many of our customers are high volume inbound call centres where speed and responsiveness is critical.
Complaints Pro is fully integrated with Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Outlook and Lotus Notes.
Complaints Pro’s team of experts are always ready to ensure that your questions are answered and and everything is running smoothly.