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Configure Price Quote (CPQ)

Configure Price Quote. Any Products or Service.

Any Approval. Any Pricing Structure. Rapidly.

Apttus offers highly advanced suite of Configure Price Quote  (CPQ) solutions that address almost every need around the customer or partner engagement process of quoting. Whether a sales person is simply selecting pre-approved bundles, configuring highly complex offerings or customers want to self-service their own quote, Apttus has the solution. Apttus customers include deployments of tens of thousands of users globally in Fortune 500 companies to smaller deployments in mid-sized companies. The solution is upwardly and downwardly scalable.

Apttus CPQ uniquely addresses the Quoting needs of our customers but is only a part of Apttus overall Quote to Cash offering including Contract Management, Revenue Management and more.

Apttus CPQ was designed with the same premise as all Apttus solutions. The tools are easy to set up, thereby reducing implementation time, very easy to use based on familiar user interfaces and administratively easy to manage. All application set up is done using a web browser - no custom coding or learning of any proprietary language required. The set up of the quote templates can take minutes utilizing Apttus’ award winning Word to Salesforce Enhancer technology.

And best of all, the solutions are affordable. Apttus customers unanimously stated that other market solutions were too expensive, very difficult to implement and simply not affordable. Apttus research showed an incredible negative legacy of CPQ failed deployments and so researched and created the Myths Pitfalls and Realities whitepaper in order to advise customers of the bad practices taking place in the market place (Get it here).  Apttus has changed that. Powered by the most advanced cloud computing infrastructure available today, the solutions are reliable, performant, dependable and affordable.

Product Configuration

Apttus Product Configurator allows for the product selection and configuration to be a simple process for the end user salesperson. Right inside Salesforce, a sales person can start and manage the entire process with the salesforce familiar user interface. All data stays inside Salesforce and is correct and up to date. Reports and dashboards are real-time updated and no integration between systems is required. Users can quickly generate a quote clicking a button inside Salesforce which then automatically prompts the configuration process based on rules.

  • Configure any type of product or service offering with unlimited features, options, or sub-options
  • Price any products or bundles based on features or options selected
  • Define any type of rule or constraint and have them govern the configuration output
  • Guided selling allows for easy product selection based on rules
  • Price at top-line, group, or line-item level with full real-time roll-up and roll-down synchronization and accuracy
  • Full workflow and approval automation based on field-level changes or higher options
  • Complete reports, dashboards, and advanced search capabilities natively inside Salesforce.
  • Notification engine allowing anyone to be notified of the request
  • Automatic and dynamic storing inside Salesforce
  • No integration to salesforce required – this is a native Salesforce application

Guided Selling

Apttus Guided Selling makes the selling process much more efficient for the sales person by automatically proposing the products and options based on the customer’s needs. No looking for products, deciding options and pricing it. This is all done automatically. Institutional knowledge can be maintained and codified. This becomes especially useful if you have thousands of product options to choose from or if you are hiring many new sales people or if you have a high sales attrition.

  • User prompted questions based on customer needs, narrowing down the solution selection.
  • Primary and alternative selections can be presented which can be fully packaged and pre-approved
  • Online visual aids also help in the process. Information, diagrams or pictures or even online video describing the product or option.
  • Audit trails of changes and actions taken


Apttus pricing allows for the rapid setup of pricing structures and therefore for the ease of sales to simply select options and have them priced completely accurately reflecting the latest price lists and discounting rules. No more errors. Pricing can be changed in real time and what if scenarios can be observed.

  • Any type of pricing structures of products options and sub options.
  • Customer or channel specific pricing is maintained with complete history of changes.
  • Pricing rules, constraints, dependencies and extraneous variables can be set up.
  • Pricing can include cost basis, margins or any other type of structure.
  • Highly advanced workflow allows for any type of pricing scenario approval or input.
  • Real time visibility and collaboration by setting up communities to follow the quote.

Customer or Channel Self Service Quoting

Apttus enables Customers or Trading Partners to “self-serve”  through a Portal. Your trading partner can come in and see anything you want them exposed to. Their products, agreements, entitlements, payments or any information that can enable them to serve themselves and make your process more efficient.

  • Self-Serve a Quote based on a customer’s current products and pricing in place with them
  • Simple access for rapid real-time information and actions
  • Real time information updates
  • Manage renewals or any other notification process efficiently
  • Keep all trading partner information updated two way real time

Click to Accept

Provide trading partners the ability to review a quote and if authorized, to click to accept it. Authenticated users can reduce the time it takes to accept a quote dramatically using click to Accept

  • Simple notification driving trading partners to login, review or create and click to accept
  • Can be used for mass updates, renewals, quotes or any volume based quote management.
  • Highly efficient for channels with many partners


Apttus provides complete electronic signature capability.  Users can online invoke an electronic signature process that will capture everything in Apttus. Apttus Electronic  Signature is a secure and convenient way to obtain a legally binding electronic signature. It's fast and easy-to-use.   Electronic Signature capability is offered for simple, standard scenarios or to more complex requirements through very advanced capability with Apttus Electronic Signature Enterprise.  With an electronic signature, documents can be signed online, without cumbersome printing, faxing, or mailing.  eSignatures can replace pen and ink on any kind of document

Contract Management

Once the Quote has been accepted, Apttus completes the customer process with the Contract Management modules. This is a seamless process as all the data is inside salesforce.com. Apttus award winning contract management modules allow for the complete end to end lifecycle to be managed. See the Contract Management Suite here

Renewals Management

Apttus renewal Management allows for the comprehensive management of the renewals function. From the notification to the trading partner, to the active renewals document process to the entitlements and payment management, Apttus offers it all inside salesforce.com. No revenue goes unturned.

  • Complete visibility into forecasts into renewal revenue and impending events
  • Accurate data on actual renewals and entitlements
  • Trading partner self-serve for auto renewal processes
  • Generate renewal quotes or contracts automatically
  • Complete and accurate information on the trading partner specific contracts or products and prices they are entitled to
  • All native Salesforce

Analytics and Reporting

Apttus Contract Analytics salesforce.com’s reporting and dashboards. You can gain deep insight into your quotes, function and process using the analytical capability.  Access to rich reporting and real time drill down dashboards allows for very rapid business discovery and insight. Right from a dashboard a user can drill into the relevant information and get to the root cause in a matter of a few clicks. From a dashboard to a quote or even a transaction is easy to achieve. “What if” scenario planning and many other advanced features are offered.  Contract analytics comes with every module, “out of the box”.