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Government Correspondence Edition Additional Features

In addition to the All Industries Edition features, Complaints Pro has special additional features for governments to ensure the safety and security of all your files and information.


You don’t have to worry about your sensitive information being stored off shore, because it can all be stored within within your computer network or within your state.

Complaints Pro divides the information types based on their sensitivities and stores them in two different locations.

Sensitive information stored locally include:

  • Emails and email attachments

  • Documents like Word, PDF, Excel, and JPG images

  • Complaint details

  • Complainant’s contact information

  • Complaint final determination

Non-sensitive information stored in the cloud include:

  • Complaint and case classification fields

  • Outcome classification

  • Complaint / case details like the source, channel, SLA, etc

Complaints Pro Reports and Dashboards

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Our Accreditations

ISO 10002 Certified 


Available on Salesforce Appexchange 


Available on the Australian Government Data CaaS MUL