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Calculate the ROI for managing complaints efficiently
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Quality Assurance Alarms

  1. Identify clusters of complaints with common characteristics

  2. Get real time alerts with QA alarms

  3. Find and fix root causes before they affect too many customers

Complaints Pro helps you identify root causes of complaints, reducing costs, improving customer satisfaction and preventing or containing public relations disasters.  


Configure Your Own Alarm Criteria   Email or SMS Notifications   Investigate Complaint Clusters with Precision
You can set your QA Alarm criteria to recognize clusters around Product, Reason Code, Type or any other field you choose.  Criteria can also be time based to identify clusters of complaints that occurred within a certain rolling period of time.   Receive QA Alarms in real time directly to your inbox or cell phone via SMS. This way you can react with speed to make sure you address the problem before it goes out of hand.   QA Alarms notify you of a cluster of complaints with common characteristics and provides you with the ability to drill down into each individual alert so that your team can investigate the cluster with surgical precision.



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Our Accreditations

ISO 10002 Certified - The International Standard for Complaints Handling


Available on Salesforce Appexchange 


Available on the Australian State and Federal Government Data Centre as a Service Multi User List