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Calculate the ROI for managing complaints efficiently
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Integrated Communications Every Step of the Way

Keep all communications in the same place from the first touchpoint to resolution

Complaints Pro starts filing and organizing communications from the very first touchpoint. All other communications that follow, either with the client or among the team, also get filed and organized appropriately.


Website Integration   Email Integration   Social Media Integration
Complaints Pro integrates with your website’s Contact Us page to capture complaints, suggestions, compliments, enquiries and requests. It then assigns them to working queues for processing. You’ll never have to worry about anything falling through the cracks or employees double-handling a case.   Complaints Pro can automatically convert emails received into cases for processing. No more copying and pasting from an email to the complaints database means you will save valuable time and be more responsive to your customers.   Complaints Pro can automatically create complaints, suggestions, complainants and enquiries based on the posts on your company’s Facebook fan page and Twitter account.
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Our Accreditations

ISO 10002 Certified - The International Standard for Complaints Handling


Available on Salesforce Appexchange 


Available on the Australian State and Federal Government Data Centre as a Service Multi User List