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Flexible Platform

Complaints Pro is built completely into the cloud, so there is no software for you to install or hardware servers required to purchase.

No installation of software means you’re up and running quickly, in fact all you need is an internet browser and an internet connection and you’re good to go.

System Security

Complaints Pro also has configurable system security. Field level security allows you to specify which users can see with edit rights, see with read only rights or not see at all. Page level security means that certain users can view certain pages whilst others cannot.


Conduct Full Audit Trails   Automatic Backup & Upgrade   Run Tests And Trainings
You can run a complete audit trail capturing who changed what and when with before/after values permanently stored. You can run specific reports on the audit trail history and find what’s going wrong and where. You’ll be able to keep an eye out on progress to make sure everything is running seamlessly.   Upgrades are happening all the time behind the scenes, so you never need to manually schedule them in. The typical downtime for upgrades is 5 minutes and this usually occurs at a pre scheduled time and date, usually on Sunday. As for backup, Complaints Pro is automatically backed up to three other data centers. It’s all done in the background with no impact to your use of Complaints Pro.   If you want to play with the tools and test some things out, there is a perfect place for you to do so. You can use the testing sandbox to make sure all is well before hitting publish or to train people on how to use the system.



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Our Accreditations

ISO 10002 Certified - The International Standard for Complaints Handling


Available on Salesforce Appexchange 


Available on the Australian State and Federal Government Data Centre as a Service Multi User List