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Calculate the ROI for managing complaints efficiently
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Take Control of the Process

Keep an eye on what’s pending, what’s next, and who’s doing what
Complaints Pro activity management reminds you to complete tasks when they become due.


Alerts and Graphical Workload Displays   Task Management   Document Management
Using pop up alerts, graphical workload displays and list views, you can keep your work categorized, prioritized, and make sure that nothing falls through the cracks.   With one click, you can create tasks and link them to complainants and complaints, and assign tasks to your colleagues to take care of them. You can set notification emails and reminders so that nothing gets lost or forgotten.   You can now attach any document to a complaint or complainant. The content within the document is fully searchable making it easy to find quickly. You can also review attached file version history to go through changes and notes.



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Our Accreditations

ISO 10002 Certified - The International Standard for Complaints Handling


Available on Salesforce Appexchange 


Available on the Australian State and Federal Government Data Centre as a Service Multi User List