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CAPA Plans

Once an alarm or non-conformance is identified, and you analyze the root cause, it’s time to create and implement a plan aiming to correcting the issue and making sure it doesn't happen again

With Complaints Pro you can setup entire templates for Corrective and Preventive Action Plans (CAPA) with up to 75 tasks. Each task can be assigned to different staff automatically with optional email notifications advising staff that they have a new task to focus on.

Complaints Pro also allows you to log the root cause analysis including capturing the “5 whys” and fishbone diagrams.



Setup Re-Usable Templates   Monitor and Report on Outcomes   Create Task Reminders
Capture your best practice in a CAPA Plan and save it for re-use. Don’t re-invent the wheel every time you need to perform a corrective action or preventive action.   Reports and dashboards allow you to monitor the success of your plans. Close the loop from complaints and suggestions to corrective actions and preventive actions with Complaints Pro. Finally a single platform for Customer Service, Quality Assurance and Process Improvement.   CAPA plans support task reminder times. Even though the CAPA plans are automated, there might be certain steps that you need to validate or input manually. You can easily create task reminders so that task owner is notified when their task becomes due.



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ISO 10002 Certified - The International Standard for Complaints Handling


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