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Car Rental Additional Features

In addition to the All Industries Edition features, the Car Rental Edition includes tools specifically designed to facilitate complaints handling for car rental companies.

Rental Agreement integration allows car rental companies to link complaints to a renter’s actual rental agreement. This saves time logging into the reservation system, searching for and finding the Rental Agreement and then copying and pasting the Rental Agreement details against the Complaint in order to get the complete picture.

The Rental Agreement has all of the details, the Pick-up Location, Drop Off Location, Date and Time of Pickup and Drop off, charges made etc. All of this detail is crucial for the Complaint Investigation process. 

Complaints Pro Infringement management module allows the Car Rental Company to track the Vehicle movements. When an the Infringement comes in, all you have to do is scan and OCR it. The OCR data can then be imported into Complaints Pro via a wizard and Complaints Pro automatically finds the vehicle and determines who was in control at the time of offence.

Often times, a customer will call and complain about why they received an Infringement ticket. The customer relations team will be able to easily look up the Rental Agreement, see the fact that an Infringement came in and can see that the customer was nominated at the time of offence. They can explain the whole picture to the customer, help him understand what has happened and therefore retract his complaint.

With this closed loop of Rental Agreement, Infringement Management, and Complaint Handling, customer relations don't have to waste time going from one department to another to get their facts straight and respond effectively and efficiently to the customer.Motoring_Services

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Our Accreditations

ISO 10002 Certified - The International Standard for Complaints Handling


Available on Salesforce Appexchange 


Available on the Australian State and Federal Government Data Centre as a Service Multi User List