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The 13 Elements Customer Complaints Management Applications Must Have To Succeed

by Paul Evans

Being able to manage complaints properly is an important part of any organisation, it provides an opportunity to grow and continually improve. And Customer Complaints Management Applications offer a highly effective way to do this. They streamline complaints handling, identify issues, build customer relationships and make improvements.

But not all applications have been created equal…

Below we list 13 elements a Customer Complaints Management Application needs to truly succeed.

  1. Ease of Use: The user interface should be intuitive and easy to use and include a robust search function, making finding what you need quick and easy.

  2. Easy to Customize: The best applications include some level of customisation. Allowing you to change and add features to create a system that works better for you.

  3. Control of Process: You need to see what’s pending and who’s doing what. To properly control what’s going on a task and document management functions is a must.

  4. Collaboration: Having a way to communicate easily within an application is a must. A good system will include a way to easily collaborate, upload files, add comments and create groups.

  5. Reports, Dashboards: Absolutely crucial to success in a Customer Complaints Management Application is having reports, charts & dashboards. So you can easily analyse and stay up to date in the one platform.

  6. Service Level Agreement Automation: The application must include a way to determine your service level rules, keep track of them with countdowns, alerts and notifications.

  7. Integrated Communications: Keeping all communications in the same place from the first contact to resolution. The application must be able to integrate with your Contact Us page, email and social media, to capture all communication.

  8. Quality Assurance Alarms: These identify common complaints in various areas and can notify you so you can investigate.

  9. Corrective and Preventive Action (CAPA) Plans: It’s important to have a way to set up templates which are CAPA plans aiming to correct issues and ensure it doesn’t happen again.

  10. Social Customer Service: The ability to listen to Facebook & Twitter, rank conversations by sentiment and convert social conversations into complaints is a must have feature that helps companies keep an eye on what’s being said.

  11. Survey Feature: To easily create and send surveys, then analyze responses so you can uncover customer insights.

  12. Flexible Cloud Based Platform: A must-have these days is applications built completely in the cloud, so no need to install software or use hardware servers. The internet is all you need.

  13. SMS Automation: These days SMS is becoming the preferred method of communication for many people, with phone calls increasingly unanswered. The SMS feature gives you the ability to send complaint acknowledgement, resolution status, and other updates to customers without wasting time on the phone.

It’s important for organisations to have a streamline complaints process in place, to identify issues, build customer relationships and make improvements. Customer Complaints Management Applications can provide the solution, but to truly succeed they need to include the 13 elements you’ve just learnt about.

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