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Turn Every Customer Complaint
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Complaints Pro is a cloud-based customer complaint / quality assurance software that helps you handle every customer complaint timely and efficiently. It aggregates customer insights, empowering you to improve your products and processes.

  • Respond quickly to every customer complaint

  • Uncover customer insights from complaints

  • Unleash your organisation's continuous improvement

  • Find and fix root causes quickly

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Loraine’s team handles complaints from 2.3 million customers ...

Not a single one mishandled.

And she’s gathering customer insights, driving 6-digit improvements to her company processes

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Loraine Dartnell,

Group Member Relations Manager
National Roads and Motorists Association (NRMA)
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9 Costly Mistakes in Complaints Handling

Learn how efficient customer complaint handling software can save time and money, improve company performance and drive continuous improvement.


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Go Beyond The Usual Record-Resolve-Respond-Report Cycle

Complaints Pro helps you manage your entire complaints cycle from listening to your customers, to recording in your customer quality assurance database, and continuous improvement:



Social Customer Service

Stay on top of what’s being said about your company. Monitor your social media channels and capture, rank and respond to conversations directly from Complaints Pro.



Complaint Management

Complaints Pro gives you fully integrated customer complaints handling tools, so that you can keep everything related to a case organised and easy to access. You can also create reports and dashboards to help you monitor the performance of your whole complaints management process.



Root Cause Detection

Complaints Pro helps you identify root causes by identifying clusters of complaints with similar characteristics and alerting you before they affect too many people. You can also document your root cause analysis right in Complaints Pro.



Quality Assurance

Setup entire templates for Corrective and Preventive Action Plans, deploy them, assign tasks to your staff, and then monitor the success of those plans.



Collaboration With Suppliers & Partners

Unlike most complaint management software in Australia, Complaints Pro helps you collaborate with employees, partners and vendors to improve your products and processes. With tools such as Chatter, Private Channels and Supplier Community Crowd Support, you can bring B2B teams together to implement permanent solutions.


Complaints Pro Editions

Check out additional specialised features available for professional customer complaint software.

Complaints Pro for All Industries

All you need to manage complaints and operate an effective customer complaints management database, whilst driving continuous improvement.
Includes all the features available among all Complaints Pro Editions.
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Handle complaints and cases from citizens with features you need


Car Rental Edition

Manage your vehicles and rental agreements with specialized features



Features Include: foreign object and potential illness alerts, reason code hierarchy and shelf life assessments.



Features Include: Make sure your information is stored privately and securely.

  • The system brought about significant time savings around our complaints management (addressing and closing issues) as well as a comprehensive set of reports.
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